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Atypical by Pawel Nolbert


Doctor Who Fest: Day #11

Who is your favourite single-episode character?: Sally Sparrow


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wow i hate math. don’t make me go back to school



It’s been almost two years since Amy Pond left so what better time to remember and appreciate her? Let’s dedicate a whole week to our magnificent Amy Pond. Make graphics, gifs, meta, fic, fanmixes, headcanons, whatever you want.

 Day 1: Favorite Moment(s) and/or Favorite Quote(s)

 Day 2: Favorite Hairstyle(s) and/or Outfit(s)

 Day 3: Favorite Relationship/Friendship

 Day 4: Favorite Series/Arc

 Day 5One Episode

 Day 6: Favourite Traits

 Day 7: Free Choice 

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Chris Pratt has no limits

❝ Fear doesn’t have to make you cruel or cowardly, fear can make you kind ❞
— Clara Oswald (via tick-tock-its-sherlock)


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Amy Pond isn’t worthless


'Amy Pond is a worthless character,' they say.
‘She’s too perfect.’
‘She’s a Mary Sue.’
‘It’s not believable.’
‘Too pretty and pointless.’

Amy Pond’s life was not perfect.

Rose had a mother who fiercely loved her and would defend her against anything.

Martha had a demanding but caring mother, and siblings.

Donna had a somewhat spiteful mother who is probably the reason she thinks she’s worthless, but she had her granddad, who probably slipped her money for sweets and told her bedtime stories.

Clara had parents in a happy relationship and a mother who obviously loved her very much.

Amy had an empty house and an absent aunt. Amy had a crack in the fabric of the universe in her bedroom, and slept with it there, terrified, every night.
She was orphaned, probably never had any idea why. Her aunt neglected her, who leaves a seven year old alone at night? A stranger comes into the house, and Amy isn’t afraid. She faces down the crack in her wall every night. She knows how to cook. Seven years old and she knows how to cook. She probably has to feed herself.

And then finally somebody came, an extraordinary, wonderful doctor to fix the crack, and take her away for adventures. But he doesn’t do either of those things, he just leaves her.

She grows up alone. No one is there to support her, only a destructive friend it is her job to rein. Nothing at home but silence and her terse aunt. Do you know what happens to teenagers like that? Insecurity. Self harm. Bouts of depression. Suicidal thoughts. How often have you seen Amy Pond in short sleeves? Think about it.
Four psychiatrists. Trying to tell her he’s not real, trying to take away her only hope. I know what that’s like, personally. There’s nobody there for her. God knows what that would do to a girl.

After the Doctor reboots the universe, she gets her parents. But their chance is over now, they’re just strangers to her. They weren’t there for her growing up, and it’s not the fault, but she can’t help but blame them for it. She goes traveling with the Doctor and never thinks of them twice. They just assume she’s growing away from them. They probably can’t remember much about her anyway, seeing how they didn’t actually raise her.

Amy Pond is not plastic.

One thing that is different about Amy is that she’s something of an artist. Her drawings and figures she makes are quite skilled, and later she goes into different creative careers, writing, modelling, design. She also has an interest in Van Gogh, and it’s beautiful seeing her relate to him as a fellow artist who went through a lot of rough times. But Amy’s artistic ability is mostly ignored except for when the show brings it up to prove she has a hobby like a normal human being.

Amy Pond is still human.

Amy doesn’t ever let on she’s scared, even though she out of all companions has the most reason to be. The other companions all had faith that the Doctor would save them. The Doctor has never let /them/ down. No, Amy Pond has always had to be tough. But you can see it: she’s still a scared child inside. That’s why she needs Rory. His faith in her, he believed in her the way no one else ever believed in her.

And although she got older with the Doctor than any other companion did, she always still looked to me like a little girl. Ran away with her imaginary friend, never grew up. She was trying to escape. She’s still a child inside.

And then Amy thought she was going to have a baby. Someone to care for the way she was never cared for, and maybe being a mother would make her a grown up. And then that was snatched away too and her baby was raised to be a psychopath who tries to kill her best friend.

The show doesn’t really care about her emotions, the Doctor doesn’t really believe she has emotions, neither does Rory. They assume she has it easy because she just has to sit there and be saved. So does the show. And honestly, I think she hates it. She hates being helpless. She hates having her baby taken from her and nobody seemingly caring, not even her husband. This is what drives her to murder Madame Kovarian in cold blood. People say she doesn’t seem to have any reaction to losing her child - that was it. Killing was something so alien to her - until it came to her child. Her daughter’s a stranger now, and it is Kovarian’s fault. There is all the proof that she feels something, anything about her child growing up with her enemies brainwashing her. Amy killed her. She never hated anyone that much, until it came to her child.

Amy Pond has so much character depth, but you have to look for it. You can’t just mark her up as pretty but useless, even if that’s what the show did with her.